• Help Individual, Private limited company, Non resident individual , Partnership firm/ LLP, Foreign company expatriate, Foreign nationals, Share Trader, Salaried, Small business owner, Specified professional, in filing tax return.
  • We also help the client in filing return through legal representative.
  • Help in tax optimization by availing tax deduction and allowances 
  • Minimize the tax liability and optimize the tax refund 
  • Compute the total taxable income, estimate the tax liability, assisted in tax payment ( if any), form preparation and uploading  ITR on  e-portal. 
  • 24*7 professional assistance in ITR filing and also provide chat with profession. 
  • Maintain confidentiality of data provided by the client
  • Our service are Timely, Accurate and Reliable. 
  • We also help you in revising your tax return / belated return / updated return.  
  • Can arrange  Qualified Professional  to prepare your tax return.

Our Packages

Share Trader
Presumptive tax
non resident
Business / profession return
Professional assisted return

Income include : 

  • Salary  
  • Bank Interest, dividend or Family pension
  • Income from one house property

Total income does not exceed 50 lac

Income include capital gain from Share Transaction

Tax return of Specified Professional or Business or Freelancer. 

Specified Profession means doctor, engineer, lawyer, company secretary & interior decoration etc.

  • Where total turnover of Business <  2 crores rupees. 
  • Professional receipt for the year <50 lakhs rupee

Tax return for NRI, Foreign Branch , Project office or Liaison office. 

Income Tax Return of Private Limited company,  Sole Proprietor, LLP and Partnership firm etc.

Qualified Professional will prepare your return by applying their skill and knowledge. Minimise the tax liability by availing tax deduction and allowance available to tax payer.